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Small victories are certainly better than big defeats; Exelon cancels plans to build new reactors at South Texas site

The site pictured above will remain as is for awhile, as Exelon announced this week that it was withdrawing its site application for two new reactors near Victoria, Texas. As the World Nuclear News reported yesterday: Exelon has completely stopped … Continue reading

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“Hey, kids!” Urenco’s animated mascot, Richie Enrichment, launches new video game

World Nuclear News reported today: Urenco has launched a video game based on its science mascot, Richie Enrichment. Avilable on multiple platforms it is intended to help young people learn about energy and nuclear power. Richie has for some time … Continue reading

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Event Reports: Reactors shut down in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Tennessee, and another alcohol-at-work incident; Minnesota incident involves small fires in both Emergency Diesel Generators

(Just a note on the above illustration: It’s from a gallery of Power Plant Trading Cards at: I don’t make this stuff up, I just make fun of it.) Some items from this week’s NRC Event Reports page: 1. … Continue reading

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Escalating concerns may keep Belgian reactor closed; four reactors in Virginia may also be subject to increased inspection

On Thursday, inspectors at the Doel nuclear power plant in Belgium discovered cracks in the Unit 3 reactor vessel. As CBS News reported Friday: The possible flaw was discovered while the plant was shut for annual maintenance, Karina De Beule, a … Continue reading

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Update: NRC bent over backwards to not shut Millstone

As I told you this morning, Unit 2 at the Millstone nuclear power plant in Connecticut had to be shut down yesterday because the water used to cool the reactor exceeded the operational temperature set out in Millstone’s license. What … Continue reading

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Event Reports: Three nukes shut down (or should have been) over weekend; toxic gas release, high temperature, stuck control rod assembly to blame

1. Friday morning, operators at the Watts Bar nuclear power plant in Tennessee declared an emergency and issued a Notice of Unusual Event (NOUE) for the facility’s sole reactor. The NOUE was the result of the detection of a toxic … Continue reading

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Event Reports: A scram in Arkansas, tritium in the water in Louisiana and a drunken supervisor in Illinois

Some incidents from this week’s NRC Event Reports page: 1. Unit 2 at the Arkansas Nuclear power plant shut down automatically from 100 per cent power Wednesday morning. The shutdown resulted from increased pressure in the Reactor Coolant System. According to this … Continue reading

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NRC suspends new license approvals; decision also puts license renewals on hold

Bloomberg Business Week reported yesterday: The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission is putting a hold on requests for new reactor construction and license renewals —including Missouri’s only nuclear power plant — after a recent federal court ruling questioned the agency’s plans … Continue reading

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Event Reports: Yet another drunk on duty incident at a nuclear power plant

The Fermi nuclear power plant in Michigan notified the Nuclear Regulatory Commission that a non-licensed employee supervisor tested positive for alcohol in a Fitness for Duty test last Friday. I don’t know how the nukes make decisions about firing people … Continue reading

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