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Some good news: Japanese court blocks restart of two reactors

Reuters reported today: A Japanese court on Tuesday issued an injunction to prevent the restart of two reactors citing safety concerns, in a blow to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s push to return to atomic energy four years after the Fukushima … Continue reading

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Japan to close only nuclear reprocessing facility

The next time some idiot tells you that the United States should get into the nuclear reprocessing business, tell them this: Japan is closing its only reprocessing facility because it’s too expensive to be done safely. According to an article … Continue reading

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Japan looking to ‘solar islands’ to replace shuttered nuclear plants

Jon Major, a research fellow at the University of Liverpool wrote in the Ecologist today: Two companies in Japan recently announced they are to begin building two large solar power islands that will float on reservoirs. This follows smartphone maker … Continue reading

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Accident at Fukushima: 880 pound piece of unmanned crane falls into spent fuel pool

The Independent Online reported this morning: A 400kg (880pounds) machine part fell into a nuclear fuel pool at Japan’s crippled Fukushima plant on Friday, the operator said. Friday’s incident occurred shortly after noon during a remotely controlled operation to remove … Continue reading

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Japan to establish interim nuclear storage facility in Fukushima

The Asahi Shimbun reported this morning: Fukushima Prefecture is set to accept the construction of an interim facility to store radioactive waste from cleanup work due to the nuclear disaster, advancing the stalled process of decontaminating the affected areas. Negotiations … Continue reading

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TEPCO concedes that Fukushima ‘ice plug’ isn’t working

According to an article in today’s issue of The Telegraph: The operator of Japan’s crippled Fukushima nuclear plant has conceded defeat in its effort to create a frozen plug in a tunnel to stop water flowing into the No. 2 … Continue reading

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Test results are in: Birds, monkeys, butterflies show effects of Fukushima radiation

I previously reported that monkeys and other animals around Fukushima are being tested for effects of exposure to radiation from the accident. Some of those effects are now known. Colorado’s Summit County Citizens Voice reported today: ┬áThe disastrous 2011 meltdown … Continue reading

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