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Regulatory hurdles might prevent Kewaunee from re-opening

As I told you last week, a Chicago engineering and energy consulting firm is attempting to purchase the closed Kewaunee nuclear power plant. There are some major obstacles to that occuring, however, as the Manitowoc, Wisconsin, Herald Times Reporter spelled … Continue reading

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Zombie nuke? Wisconsin nuclear plant may not be as dead as previously thought

Over a year ago, it looked as if the Kewaunee nuclear power plant in Wisconsin would close permanently in 2013. Now, there is a possibility that the plant may stay open. As the Milwaukee Journal Sentinal reported yesterday: A Chicago … Continue reading

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Wall Street Journal article says low gas prices may make nuclear power unprofitable‏

In an article appearing Tuesday in the Wall Street Journal, Rebecca Smith wrote:   “… today, U.S. utilities are encountering something they never expected: Some natural-gas-fired power plants are cheaper to run than nuclear units.”   While that is something that … Continue reading

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Wisconsin nuclear plant to close permanently in spring of next year

According to last Monday’s Wisconsin Herald Times Reporter: Dominion Resources Inc. said Monday it will shut down the one-reactor power plant (Kewaunee Power Station) on the shore of Lake Michigan in the spring because it could not sell it and … Continue reading

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Event Reports: Reactor problems apparently drive nuclear supervisors to drugs

(This is what happens when I get busy trying to earn a living and don’t check the NRC Event Reports every day.) Here’s a summary of some of the incidents reported to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission for the first three … Continue reading

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Event Reports: A reactor shuts down in Illinois, reactor coolant system fails a seismic test in Nebraska, and a drunker operator is suspended in Wisconsin

  Some items from this morning’s NRC Event Reports:   1. Yesterday afternoon, operators were testing the Unit 2 reactor at the Quad Cities nuclear power plant in Illinois. The unit’s main generator automatic voltage regulator had been upgraded during … Continue reading

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