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Event Reports: Two reactor scrams, problems with Fitness for Duty system and Californians crazy from the heat

  Some items from today’s NRC Event Notification Reports page:   1. Last Friday afternoon, operators at the Clinton nuclear power plant in Illinois were ramping up the Unit 1 reactor from an outage when the reactor pressure vessel water level began … Continue reading

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Escalating concerns may keep Belgian reactor closed; four reactors in Virginia may also be subject to increased inspection

On Thursday, inspectors at the Doel nuclear power plant in Belgium discovered cracks in the Unit 3 reactor vessel. As CBS News reported Friday: The possible flaw was discovered while the plant was shut for annual maintenance, Karina De Beule, a … Continue reading

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Event Reports: Toxic gas in Wisconsin nuke, an oil spill in Michigan, a dead bald eagle in Virginia and a reactor scram at another Michigan plant

Four items from today’s NRC Event Reports: 1. Wednesday evening, the Point Beach nuclear power plant in Wisconsin declared an Alert due to toxic gas in a vital area room. During a maintenace run on the plant’s emergency diesel generator, exhaust … Continue reading

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Drunk-at-work incident at Virginia nuke

A contractor working as an employee supervisor at the Surry nuclear power plant in Virginia tested positive for alcohol yesterday afternoon, according to an NRC Event Report. The contractor had his badge pulled and his access to the site was … Continue reading

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Twelve workers exposed to asbestos at Virginia nuke

The Hampton Roads, Virginia, newspaper the Daily Press reported Saturday that a dozen workers at the Surry Nuclear power plant were exposed to asbestos while performing repairs after a tornado knocked out power to the plant. According to the Daily … Continue reading

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Virginia reactors are shut down more than national average

Virginia has four nuclear reactors, two each at Surry and North Anna. A recent study by the Richmond Times Dispatch reported: In the past two years, Dominion Virginia Power’s four nuclear power reactors experienced 12 unplanned shutdowns. Then, the Aug. 23 … Continue reading

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