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Event Reports: Loss of offsite power, seismic vulnerability, a dropped control element assembly and another and another Fitness for Duty violation

This week in nuclear power kicked on Hallloween: 1. Friday afternoon, the Diablo Canyon nuclear power facility in California experienced an unplanned activation of all six of the plant’s emergency diesel generators when a thunderstorm knocked out offsite power to the station. … Continue reading

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Michigan newspaper looks at embrittlement in Palisades reactor

The Kalamazoo Gazette published an in-depth look at safety at the Palisades nuclear power plant on the shores of Lake Michigan. Kalamazoo, Michigan, is about 40 east of Palisades. The Gazette reported this morning: Palisades is one of the oldest … Continue reading

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Event Reports: Another nuke has a heat sink problem, and a drunk foreman is terminated at Michigan nuke‏

I told you earlier this week about the problem the Turkey Point nuclear power plant is having in attempting to hold down the temperature of the canals that serve as the Ultimate Heat Sink (UHS) for the facility. These canals … Continue reading

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Nobody wants what’s behind Door Number Two: Michigan nuclear plant loses secondary containment

According to an Event Report posted on the NRC website on Friday: At 0942 on May 25, 2014, the Cook Nuclear Plant (CNP) declared both Control Room Emergency Ventilation trains inoperable … due to an inoperable Control Room Envelope when … Continue reading

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Event Reports: An Arizona nuke reports an explosion five months after the fact and a Michigan licensed nuke worker fails a Fitness for Duty test

Two items from this morning’s Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s Event Notification Report: 1. Last November, the Palo Verde nuclear power plant reported a control room alarm that indicated low fluid pressure in a hyrdaulic accumulator serving a main steam isolation valve … Continue reading

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Event Reports: A trio of supplier reports concerning potentially defective parts supplied to nuclear power plants

  Today’s Event Notification Report on the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s website has three items about potentially defective electric and mechanical parts supplied to nuclear utilities: 1. Georgia’s United Controls International (UCI) provided an update on a previously-reported defect in electrical … Continue reading

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Michigan nuke has broken piece of metal wedged in reactor vessel

Yvonne Zipp of the Kalamazoo Gazette reported this afternoon on MLive: A piece of metal from a broken impeller blade has lodged in the reactor vessel at Palisades Nuclear Power Plant. Workers discovered the issue during the nuclear power plant’s … Continue reading

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