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Fire on board Russian nuclear submarine extinguished after 20 hour battle

A fire broke out yesterday on the Russian nuclear submarine Yekaterinburg, which was in drydock at the time of the incident. MSNBC reported this morning: Russia said on Friday it had doused a raging blaze aboard a nuclear submarine after … Continue reading

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Event Report: New Jersey nuke reports discharge to Delaware River

The Hope Creek nuclear power plant in New Jersey reported to the NRC this morning that a motor operated valve in the station’s Service Water System had failed to close, resulting in the discharge of seventeen gallons of sodium hypoclorite … Continue reading

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New report: U.S. ‘nuclear renaissance’ unlikely after Fukushima

(Is it just me, or is there something about this picture of one of the containment buildings at Fukushima that’s just a little reminiscent of Norman Bates’ mother’s house in Psycho?) The Los Angeles Times just reported: A new study … Continue reading

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Prefecture calls for permanent closure of all ten Fukushima reactors

The Oman Daily Observer just reported: The Japanese prefecture of Fukushima wants a nuclear-free future, according to a reconstruction plan adopted yesterday, after suffering the world’s worst nuclear disaster in 25 years. Under the plan, the provincial government panel called … Continue reading

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TEPCO stock falls to lowest level since 1974; Company claims right to raise rates to compensate for losses

Bloomberg Businessweek reported today: Tokyo Electric Power Co. shares fell to the lowest in at least 37 years after Trade and Industry Minister Yukio Edano said the company should consider being nationalized. The stock fell 12 percent to close at … Continue reading

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Update: Pilgrim incident involved leak of radioactive steam

The Pilgrim nuclear plant in Massachusetts had to be closed down today due to a defective steam relief valve. Later news reports said that the incident involved a leak of radioactive steam. As the Boston Globe reported: The Pilgrim Nuclear … Continue reading

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Event Reports: Maintenance complications in Florida, a reactor scram in Louisiana, human error and a halon release in South Carolina and a faulty valve in Massachusetts

A number of items appeared on the NRC Event Reports today following the long holiday weekend: 1. On December 6, the Turkey Point nuclear power plant in Florida began work on modifications to the┬áplant’s Technical Support System (TSC.) The system … Continue reading

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