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Duke, Dominion and Exelon ask NRC for permission to run seven reactors to the age of 80

(It should be noted that the collapse of the cooling tower at Vermont Yankee, pictured above,¬†happened in 2007, when the plant was only 35 years old. Cause of the collapse: corroded steel bolts and rotten lumber.) I’m going to try … Continue reading

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Wisconsin nuclear plant to close permanently in spring of next year

According to last Monday’s Wisconsin Herald Times Reporter: Dominion Resources Inc. said Monday it will shut down the one-reactor power plant (Kewaunee Power Station) on the shore of Lake Michigan in the spring because it could not sell it and … Continue reading

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Escalating concerns may keep Belgian reactor closed; four reactors in Virginia may also be subject to increased inspection

On Thursday, inspectors at the Doel nuclear power plant in Belgium discovered cracks in the Unit 3 reactor vessel. As CBS News¬†reported Friday: The possible flaw was discovered while the plant was shut for annual maintenance, Karina De Beule, a … Continue reading

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Event Report: Emergency declared at Virginia nuke following 3.2 aftershock from August earthquake

Dominion Power notified the Nuclear Regulatory Commission that it had issued a Notification of Unusual Event (NOUE) at its North Anna nuclear power plant early yesterday evening after experiencing a 3.2 magnitude earthquake at the facility in Virginia. The NOUE … Continue reading

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