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Thunderstorm triggers false alarm at New York nuclear power plant. Which one? You can’t tell from the news coverage….

Ah, local news! The CBS affiliate in Syracuse reported this morning: An emergency notification siren went off Thursday morning at the nuclear power plants in Scriba, but there was no emergency, officials say. The siren was inadvertently tripped by a … Continue reading

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Persistent leaks force power reduction at FitPatrick

The Syracuse Post-Standard reported today: The FitzPatrick nuclear power plant in Oswego County has been operating at reduced power since mid-June to compensate for persistent leaks in the plant’s aging cooling system that have plagued the facility for the past … Continue reading

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Event Reports: A toxic gas release in Ohio, diesel generators inoperable in New York, a defect in the reactor coolant system in North Carolina, a fire in the turbine building in Illinois and yet another open door in New York

A number of items from today’s Event Notification Report page on the Nuclear Regulatory Commission website: 1. Yesterday afternoon, the Perry nuclear power plant in Ohio declared an Unusual Event after Trichloroethylene was detected in the Off-gas building. The leak … Continue reading

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Event Reports: New York nuke workers figure out how to get around random Fitness for Duty tests

An interesting item from Monday’s NRC Event Notification Reports page: The FitzPatrick nuclear power plant in New York reported: “A significant Fitness for Duty (FFD) programmatic vulnerability was discovered during an NRC inspection. A potential exists that some members of … Continue reading

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Do you live near one of these 32 reactors? GE Hitachi still not sure they can be shut down safely after an earthquake

  GE Hitachi (GEH) posted an update on the NRC website today: “GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy (GEH) provided an update to its guidance and supporting evaluations that were reported in MFN 08-420 R0 on December 19, 2008 and MFN 10-245 R5 … Continue reading

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Wall Street Journal article says low gas prices may make nuclear power unprofitable‏

In an article appearing Tuesday in the Wall Street Journal, Rebecca Smith wrote:   “… today, U.S. utilities are encountering something they never expected: Some natural-gas-fired power plants are cheaper to run than nuclear units.”   While that is something that … Continue reading

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Event Reports: Reactor scrams in Pennsylvania, New York, Texas and New Jersey; excess radiation in Minnesota, a fire in New York, a toxic gas release in Ohio and a drunken supervisor in Florida

This post is kind of lengthy, as I haven’t been able to get around to looking at Event Reports for a couple of weeks. Here’s the news: 1. Early in the morning of Friday, November 9, operators at the Susquehanna … Continue reading

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Event Reports: Plant shutdowns in Michigan and New York and a Fitness for Duty Report from Florida

1. Sunday afternoon, operators at the Palisades nuclear plant in Michigan declared a primary coolant loop to be inoperable due to a steam leak. Since the leak could not be investigated with the reactor running, the plant entered a Technical … Continue reading

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Event Report: Loss of power incident activated generators, emergency cooling systems at New York nuclear power plant

The James A. FitzPatrick nuclear power plant near Oswego, New York notified the Nuclear Regulatory Agency that on October 5, 2012, it lost offsite power to its sole reactor. The loss of power caused automatic systems including the Reaction Water … Continue reading

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Updates on lot of stuff: Bloomberg News puts lots of pieces together

Great coverage of the nuts and bolts of nuclear power! The Bellingham (WA) Herald carried a report compiled by the Bloomberg News service today: U.S. nuclear-power production fell 2.1 percent to the lowest level in more than 10 months as four reactors shut in … Continue reading

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