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Japan to close only nuclear reprocessing facility

The next time some idiot tells you that the United States should get into the nuclear reprocessing business, tell them this: Japan is closing its only reprocessing facility because it’s too expensive to be done safely. According to an article … Continue reading

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Event Report: Problem at Monticello plant shows why nuke licenses should not be extended

This morning, Minnesota’s Monticello nuclear power plant informed the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) that it had determined that a number of relays in the facility’s sole reactor had exceeded their analyzed shelf life and as a result had been declared … Continue reading

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Update on Calvert Cliffs security breach: It’s all a clever plan to look defenseless….

All: In it’s continuing effort to lessen the severity of a recently reported lapse in security, the Calvert Cliffs nuclear power plant in Virgina has drifted further and further from reality and is now approaching creative writing. Apparently, not having … Continue reading

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Event Report: North Anna nuke reports damage to two used fuel rod assemblies

Virginia’s North Anna nuclear power plant reported to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) this morning that, while removing used fuel rods from the Unit 2 reactor, two damaged used fuel rod assemblies were discovered. According to the Event Report: Initial … Continue reading

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Ralph Nader: Nuclear power is uneconomical, uninsurable, unsafe, unnecessary and unevacuable

Consumer Advocate Ralph Nader published a great summary piece on nuclear power in the Ecologist last Friday: …nuclear power is a government / taxpayer-guaranteed boondoggle whose staggering costs, incurred and deferred, are absorbed by American taxpayers via a supine government … Continue reading

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Japan looking to ‘solar islands’ to replace shuttered nuclear plants

Jon Major, a research fellow at the University of Liverpool wrote in the Ecologist today: Two companies in Japan recently announced they are to begin building two large solar power islands that will float on reservoirs. This follows smartphone maker … Continue reading

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Calvert Cliffs security confident they could have killed reporters who drove past unmanned gate

Reporters from Washington D.C.’s right-leaning Daily Caller found and drove past an unmanned security gate at the Calvert Cliffs nuclear power plant last week. Today, plant officials tried to minimize the incident by claiming that they could have shot and … Continue reading

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Breaking News: Barge-mounted nuclear power plant to be dismantled in Galveston, shipped to WCS

The Montgomery County Courier reported Saturday: A World War II-era Liberty ship converted to a barge-mounted nuclear reactor will be towed from Virginia to Galveston to be scrapped. The refitted Liberty Ship was used for power generation in the sixties: … Continue reading

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Ferrous Boilers’ Day Off: Four Advanced Gas-cooled Reactors may be out of service through the end of the year

World Nuclear News reported Thursday: Investigations into potential cracks in boiler spines at two units at each of the Heysham I and Hartlepool sites are likely to take until the end of the year to complete, EDF Energy has announced. … Continue reading

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Event Reports: Sealed sources run over, failed to retract, involved in transportation accident, and some poor fool gets the Barney-Watching Job

It’s not often that the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s (NRC) Event Notification report has a unifying theme, but today’s page has five incidents, all involving sealed-sources containing radioactive material. 1. Terracon Inc. of Colorado Springs reported that a Troxler moisture-density gauge … Continue reading

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