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Event Report: Blown fuse takes down New York reactor

Today’s NRC Event Notification Reports page contained a report from New York’s Nine Mile Point nuclear plant. Yesterday afternoon, technicians were performing testing on the facility’s Unit 2 reactor when a short in the control circuit caused a blown fuse.  … Continue reading

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Japanese news organization asks experts about volcano dangers: The answers are not good news

Mainichi, the website of the Japanese newspaper Mainichi Shimbun, carried a piece today on the dangers to Japanese nuclear power plants from volcanic activity: The reactivation of nuclear reactors should be deliberated only after the public has been informed of … Continue reading

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Event Report: Operator error reported during restart at South Texas Project

Late Thursday night, operators at the South Texas Project were in the process of restarting the Unit 2 reactor. Procedure required closing the reactor’s main steam isolation valves. Rather than closing each valve individually, as is mandated in the plant’s … Continue reading

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NRC orders nuclear plants to make repairs to address vulnerability in the event of loss of offsite power

Platt’s news service reported today: US nuclear plant operators must provide information to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission by February about an electrical vulnerability that could affect safety systems and how each plant plans to mitigate it, the agency said in … Continue reading

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Event Reports: More diesel generator problems

As I told you on Monday, California’s Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant determined that in certain wind and weather conditions, the Unit 1 reactor’s diesel generator might not be able to operate safely. On Friday, Saint Lucie in Florida reported … Continue reading

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U. S. sailors to file suit over contamination from Fukushima meltdown

TV station Fox 5 San Diego reported today: Seventy sailors from the USS Ronald Reagan are filing suit against the Japanese company TEPCO after allegedly suffering radiation contamination from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant meltdown. The lawsuit states TEPCO … Continue reading

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Event Reports: Two more reactors lose containment due to doors being left open

Two events from today’s NRC Event Notification Reports page: 1. Wednesday morning, the Duane Arnold nuclear power plant in Iowa lost containment when both doors in the Secondary Containment Airlock were open at the same time. Secondary Containment had to … Continue reading

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