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Event Reports: Seven reactors shut down in just eight days

Sorry to have been silent for a while, but I got a new job that’s keeping me pretty busy. But this last two weeks have been busy at the nation’s nuclear power plants. These are just the reactor shutdowns: 1. … Continue reading

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Event Reports: Two reactor scrams, problems with Fitness for Duty system and Californians crazy from the heat

  Some items from today’s NRC Event Notification Reports page:   1. Last Friday afternoon, operators at the Clinton nuclear power plant in Illinois were ramping up the Unit 1 reactor from an outage when the reactor pressure vessel water level began … Continue reading

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Escalating concerns may keep Belgian reactor closed; four reactors in Virginia may also be subject to increased inspection

On Thursday, inspectors at the Doel nuclear power plant in Belgium discovered cracks in the Unit 3 reactor vessel. As CBS News reported Friday: The possible flaw was discovered while the plant was shut for annual maintenance, Karina De Beule, a … Continue reading

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Event Reports: Toxic gas in Wisconsin nuke, an oil spill in Michigan, a dead bald eagle in Virginia and a reactor scram at another Michigan plant

Four items from today’s NRC Event Reports: 1. Wednesday evening, the Point Beach nuclear power plant in Wisconsin declared an Alert due to toxic gas in a vital area room. During a maintenace run on the plant’s emergency diesel generator, exhaust … Continue reading

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