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New study: Nukes, fossil fuel plants will cause world-wide water shortage by 2040

The International Business Times reported today: Energy companies need to change the way they produce power otherwise drinking water will become a scarce commodity for the world’s population by 2040. As soon as 2020, between 30% to 40% of people … Continue reading

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Useful fact buried in puff piece about nuclear snow

¬†Mark Johnson, chief meteorologist for Cleveland’s News Channel 5, posted this today: ¬†“… have you ever heard of nuclear power plant snow? Well it happened recently in western Pennsylvania. The Doppler radar from the nearby National Weather Service Office in … Continue reading

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Update: NRC bent over backwards to not shut Millstone

As I told you this morning, Unit 2 at the Millstone nuclear power plant in Connecticut had to be shut down yesterday because the water used to cool the reactor exceeded the operational temperature set out in Millstone’s license. What … Continue reading

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Dry weather threatening to shut French nukes

Reuters reported this morning: Dry weather conditions are starting to hit output at France’s nuclear reactors with EDF forced to stop one reactor in northern France to protect river flows, EDF said on Monday. France, the European Union’s biggest power … Continue reading

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