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Nuclear evacuation plans may not be adequate, says new GAO report

The Associated Press reported April 10: Regulators and congressional investigators clashed Wednesday over a new report warning that in the event of an accident at a nuclear plant, panicking residents from outside the official evacuation zone might jam the roads … Continue reading

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New study: Radiation readings around Fukushima still dangerously high

The Japan Times reported yesterday: High levels of radiation, including a rate of 470 millisieverts per year at one location, have been detected in municipalities near the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant, according to an interim Environment Ministry report. … Continue reading

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Event Reports: Worker exposure, medical misadministration, fuel storage problems and fire safety defects

Some items from today’s Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s Event Reports page:  1. The Yaffe Iron and Metal Company reported to the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality that the scrap metal yard had discovered an “orphaned radioactive source” in an outgoing shipment … Continue reading

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The Minneapolis Star Tribune reported yesterday:   Nuclear power plants must provide updated estimates of how long it would take to evacuate nearby communities in an emergency under a new rule approved Tuesday by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.   Plant … Continue reading

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