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Update on Event Reports: Oyster Creek also lost offsite power

I had previously reported that the Nine Mile Point nuclear power plant in New York lost offsite power to one of its reactors during Hurricane Sandy. This morning’s Nuclear Regulatory Commission Event Reports indicate that the same thing happened to … Continue reading

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Event Reports: Flooding, lost sirens, reactor trips and loss of offsite power at five nuclear power plants during hurricane

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission posted a number of Event Reports this moring following last night’s landfall of Hurricane Sandy: 1. The Oyster Creek nuclear power plant, currently shut down for refueling, lost 36 of its 43 emergency sirens during the storm. … Continue reading

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Yet another installment of: “Is it just me, or is this a stunningly stupid idea?”

World Nuclear News reported today: The hull of SKB’s new ship for transporting used nuclear fuel and radioactive waste has been launched. Once outfitted, the M/S Sigrid is set to enter service in 2013, serving as a linchpin in Sweden’s … Continue reading

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Event Reports: Diablo Canyon declares Unusual Event following 5.3 earthquake, San Onofre reports a hydrogen leak, fire at Nine Mile Point

Both of California’s nuclear power stations reported incidents to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission last Monday: 1. Diablo Canyon declared an Unusual Event following a 5.3 magnitude earthquake Sunday in the Salinas Valley in central California. The earthquake met two of … Continue reading

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Wisconsin nuclear plant to close permanently in spring of next year

According to last Monday’s Wisconsin Herald Times Reporter: Dominion Resources Inc. said Monday it will shut down the one-reactor power plant (Kewaunee Power Station) on the shore of Lake Michigan in the spring because it could not sell it and … Continue reading

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Department of Energy confirms new radioactive waste leak at Hanford; incident raises questions about safety of nuclear waste storage in West Texas

The Kansas City Star reported last Tuesday: The Department of Energy has confirmed that its oldest double-shell tank is actively leaking radioactive and hazardous chemical waste from its inner shell. DOE made the announcement Monday after a video inspection of … Continue reading

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Update: The six reactor sites the NRC will be studying for increased risk of cancer

According to an NRC press release, the six sites to be studied are: Dresden Nuclear Power Station, Morris, Ill. Millstone Power Station, Waterford, Conn. Oyster Creek Nuclear Generating Station, Forked River, N.J. Haddam Neck (decommissioned), Haddam Neck, Conn. Big Rock … Continue reading

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NRC to study cancer risks near six nuclear power sites

The Los Angeles Times reported last Wednesday: The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission announced plans Tuesday to launch a pilot epidemiological study of cancer risks near six nuclear power plants, including San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station in north San Diego County. … Continue reading

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South Texas nuke is at flood risk, according to NRC report‏

The San Antonio Express-News reported yesterday: The South Texas Project, which provides about a third of San Antonio’s electric power, is on a list of nuclear plants with a high risk of flooding-related failures. A leaked July 2011 Nuclear Regulatory Commission … Continue reading

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4.0 earthquake rattles control room in New Hampshire nuclear power plant

A moderate earthquake shook southwest Maine Wednesday evening, and the effects were felt in the control room at the Seabrook nuclear power plant in New Hampshire. As the Boston Globe reported: The Seabrook nuclear power plant declared “an unusual event’’ … Continue reading

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