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NRC says that 2013 accident at Arkansas nuclear plant was worse than it first appeared

One March 31, 2013, workers at Arkansas Nuclear One, were removing a stator, a large part of a diesel generator, from the generator building. During the loading process, the stator slipped and fell to the floor of the building. One … Continue reading

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Event Reports: Emergency sirens inoperable in North Carolina, an automatic reactor trip in Arkansas and an untended research reactor in Texas

Some items from today’s Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s Event Notification Report page: 1. Yesterday morning, operators at the Harris nuclear power plant in North Carolina discovered that all of the plant’s emergency notification sirens were inoperable. The sirens were returned to … Continue reading

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Update: NRC Event Report, updates have more details on explosion, fire at Arkansas Nuclear

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission carried an Event Report with a couple of updates concerning yesterday’s explosion and fire at Arkansas Nuclear One’s facility. Here’s a portion of the initial Event Report: At approximately 0748 [CST] on 12/9/2013, an electrical fault occurred … Continue reading

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Update on Arkansas Nuclear: NRC confirms explosion in turbine building, adds that Unusual Event declared, one source of offsite power is also down

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission issued this statement on the fire and shutdown at Arkansas Nuclear today: The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has activated its incident response center in Arlington, Texas, following the declaration of an Unusual Event at the Arkansas Nuclear … Continue reading

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Breaking news: Fire contined at Arkansas Nuclear, one unit offline, explosion in turbine building reported

Reuters reported earlier today: A fire at a nuclear plant in Arkansas operated by Entergy Corp is contained, local media reported on Monday, citing a company spokeswoman. The Courier News newspaper reported the fire broke out in a transformer at … Continue reading

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Accident at Arkansas Nuclear kills one worker, injures eight others

The Dow Jones Newswire reported April 4: Entergy Corp. said it is making plans to restart one of its units at an Arkansas nuclear-power plant, a process that is expected to take several weeks, after the unit shut down automatically … Continue reading

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Event Reports: A scram in Arkansas, tritium in the water in Louisiana and a drunken supervisor in Illinois

Some incidents from this week’s NRC Event Reports page: 1. Unit 2 at the Arkansas Nuclear power plant shut down automatically from 100 per cent power Wednesday morning. The shutdown resulted from increased pressure in the Reactor Coolant System. According to this … Continue reading

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Event Reports: Fire at Mississippi nuke, a supervisor on drugs at Florida facility and an Arkansas TV station issues an inaccurate emergency alert

Here’s some items from today’s NRC Event Reports: 1. Yesterday evening, a fire broke out in ‘A’ Main Condensor at the Grand Gulf nuclear power plant in Mississippi. The on-site fire brigade was dispatched to fight the blaze and the … Continue reading

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Event Report: Spent fuel handling machine at Arkansas nuke taken out of service due to failure to meet earthquake standards

Arkansas Nuclear reported to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission this morning that recent engineering analysis showed that the Spent Fuel Handling Machine for the facility’s Unit 2 reactor did not meet seismic standards for a design basis earthquake. Arkansas Nuclear said … Continue reading

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