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Event Reports: Illinois reactor suffers another loss of offsite power incident

Yesterday afternoon, operators at the Byron nuclear power plant in Illinois declared an Unusual Event due to a malfunction in the switchyard that caused the Unit 2 reactor to lose offsite power. Emergency diesel generators started following the incident, and … Continue reading

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New study: Radiation readings around Fukushima still dangerously high

The Japan Times reported yesterday: High levels of radiation, including a rate of 470 millisieverts per year at one location, have been detected in municipalities near the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant, according to an interim Environment Ministry report. … Continue reading

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Event Report: Emergency sirens out at Nebraska nuke

The Fort Calhoun nuclear power plant reported to the NRC today that it has lost communications with 21 of its 101 emergency sirens. The siren problems mean that two Iowa counties would not be alerted if there were a problem … Continue reading

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Event Reports: Emergency cooling failure at one nuke in North Carolina, a vague security threat at another, and a suspicious package in Arizona

  Some items from this morning’s NRC Event Reports page:   1. Yesterday evening, a fault in a common electrical component shut down the Emergency Core Cooling System serving both reactors at the Brunswick nuclear power plant in North Carolina. … Continue reading

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Event Reports: Tritium leak at Virginia nuke and a reactor scram in Minnesota

Two items from this morning’s NRC Event Reports: 1. The North Anna nuclear power plant notified the NRC that it had received a laboratory report from a water sample submitted on Feb. 17 from an on-site test well. The report … Continue reading

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Event Reports: Safety display systems out at Georgia nuke, manual reactor scram at Mississippi plant

A couple of items from today’s NRC Event Reports: 1. The Hatch nuclear power plant in Georgia reported to the NRC that a hard drive crash on Saturday had rendered inoperable both the Safety Parameter Display System (SPDS) and the Emergency … Continue reading

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Fifty two down, two to go: Another Japanese reactor goes offline

 The newspaper The West Australian reported this morning:  Japan on Monday began a process that will see another one of the country’s nuclear reactors go offline, leaving just two of 54 in operation. Kansai Electric Power Co (KEPCO), the largest utility … Continue reading

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