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Event Reports: A scram, a radiation release at a recycling center and yet another drunk supervisor

  Just a few items from this week’s Event Reports at the Nuclear Regulatory Commission website: On Wednesday, the Seabrook nuclear station informed the NRC that the facility’s sole reactor had shut itself down just before 3 am following a … Continue reading

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Boston TV station finds unmanned security gate at Seabrook nuclear power plant

In a major security breach, a news team from WHDW-TV (7News) in Boston found that the gate at the employee parking entrance to the Seabrook nuclear power plant was unmanned. WHDW reported today: …no one was checking on three different … Continue reading

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Event Reports: A trio of supplier reports concerning potentially defective parts supplied to nuclear power plants

  Today’s Event Notification Report on the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s website has three items about potentially defective electric and mechanical parts supplied to nuclear utilities: 1. Georgia’s United Controls International (UCI) provided an update on a previously-reported defect in electrical … Continue reading

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Event Reports: An electrical issue shuts down a reactor in New Hampshire, a leak causes an Illinois reactor to coast to a stop, a Louisiana reactor loses emergency sirens and an earthquake hits a shuttered nuke in California

Some items from today’s Event Notification Report: 1. Early this morning, as operators were ramping down the sole reactor at New Hampshire’s Seabrook nuclear power plant for refueling, the reactor shut itself down and initiated an emergency feedwater activation. The … Continue reading

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4.0 earthquake rattles control room in New Hampshire nuclear power plant

A moderate earthquake shook southwest Maine Wednesday evening, and the effects were felt in the control room at the Seabrook nuclear power plant in New Hampshire. As the Boston Globe reported: The Seabrook nuclear power plant declared “an unusual event’’ … Continue reading

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NRC warns nukes of dangers of bad steel, crumbling concrete

In separate reports, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission warned nuclear power plants about a pair of problems that it has observed, corroding steel and crumbling concrete. The NRC found that rusting steel caused the shutdown of a Michigan nuclear power plant … Continue reading

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