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Action alert: Send a message encouraging Obama to end subsidies for nuclear power

The Nuclear Information and Resource Service (NIRS)┬áhas attempted to use a new White House petition link to urge Obama to eliminate subsidies for nuclear power, but with little success. Now, NIRS is attempting to submit letters with the same wording … Continue reading

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New demand estimates cast doubt on need for new power plants

The Austin American-Statesman carried an article this morning by Jonathan Fahey of the Associated Press. Fahey writes: Over the next decade, experts expect residential power use to fall, reversing an upward trend that has been almost uninterrupted since Thomas Edison … Continue reading

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Paul Gipe article on economics of nuclear power

Grist posted a piece yesterday by renewable energy expert Paul Gipe, who argues that the costs of nuclear power may stall its resurgence: The world’s beleaguered nuclear industry continues to take a battering. The “nuclear renaissance” juggernaut that once seemed … Continue reading

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“All-of-the-above” is not an energy policy, Huff Poster says

William S. Becker recently published a two-part analysis titled: ‘All of the Above’ Is No Energy Policy. Here’s an excerpt: There are variations to “all of the above”. One is, “There is no silver bullet” to solve our energy problems. … Continue reading

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