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Calvert Cliffs security confident they could have killed reporters who drove past unmanned gate

Reporters from Washington D.C.’s right-leaning Daily Caller found and drove past an unmanned security gate at the Calvert Cliffs nuclear power plant last week. Today, plant officials tried to minimize the incident by claiming that they could have shot and … Continue reading

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Event Report: Maryland nuke leaking coolant, forced to limit output

According to an Event Report filed yesterday with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, operators at the Calvert Cliffs nuclear power plant were forced to reduce output from the Unit 1 reactor due to the discovery Thursday night of a pressure boundary … Continue reading

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Event Reports: Three nukes shut down (or should have been) over weekend; toxic gas release, high temperature, stuck control rod assembly to blame

1. Friday morning, operators at the Watts Bar nuclear power plant in Tennessee declared an emergency and issued a Notice of Unusual Event (NOUE) for the facility’s sole reactor. The NOUE was the result of the detection of a toxic … Continue reading

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Maryland nuke shut down following leak in monitoring system

SoMdNews.com just reported: A leak from a monitoring instrument line on Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant Unit 1 resulted in the second shutdown of the unit in the same week. The leak from a reactor coolant pump differential-pressure sensing line, … Continue reading

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Dredging wetlands to build a nuclear power plant? Maryland says, “Why not?”

The Baltimore Sun carried this item earlier in the week: The state Board of Public Works gave its unanimous approval Wednesday to a wetlands dredging permit for a company that hopes to build a third nuclear reactor at the Calvert … Continue reading

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Event Report: Fire barrier problem could have rendered Control Room inoperable at Maryland nuclear plant

During a fire safety inspection yesterday afternoon at the Calvert Cliff nuclear power plant in Maryland, operators discovered a fire safety barrier problem that could have rendered the Control Room inoperable. Inspectors found a breach in the fire barrier that, … Continue reading

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Event Reports: Worker exposure, medical misadministration, fuel storage problems and fire safety defects

Some items from today’s Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s Event Reports page:  1. The Yaffe Iron and Metal Company reported to the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality that the scrap metal yard had discovered an “orphaned radioactive source” in an outgoing shipment … Continue reading

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