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Event Reports: A reactor shuts itself down in Mississippi, a Fitness for Duty report from Connecticut and another day, another open door

From today’s Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s Event Notification Report page: 1. On Sunday, the sole reactor at the Grand Gulf nuclear power plant in Mississippi shut itself down following a turbine trip. Grand Gulf’s report stressed that all the shutdown systems … Continue reading

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Event Report: Enough with the open doors, already!

As you know if you visit this page frequently, the nuclear industry seems to have a problem with keeping containment doors closed. The reason why both doors to a containment area are not supposed to be open simultaneously is to … Continue reading

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Event Reports: New York nuke workers figure out how to get around random Fitness for Duty tests

An interesting item from Monday’s NRC Event Notification Reports page: The FitzPatrick nuclear power plant in New York reported: “A significant Fitness for Duty (FFD) programmatic vulnerability was discovered during an NRC inspection. A potential exists that some members of … Continue reading

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Event Reports: Reactor scrams in Mississippi, Nebraska and Alabama, loss of offsite power in Illinois, loss of containment in North Carolina and loss of emergency sirens in Louisiana

Several items from Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday’s Event Notification Reports on the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s website: 1. Early Monday morning, operators at the Grand Gulf nuclear power plant in Mississippi shut down the facility’s sole reactor due to a steam … Continue reading

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Four cylinders of enriched uranium hexafluoride fall almost twenty feet during loading operation at Canadian port

World Nuclear News reported today: Port authorities are investigating how four cylinders containing enriched uranium hexafluoride (UF6) were dropped during unloading operations in Halifax at Canada’s Nova Scotia. Shortly before 10.00 pm on 13 March, the Halifax Regional Fire and … Continue reading

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WIPP update: DOE report into underground fire finds safety flaws at Waste Isolation Pilot Plant

The Albuquerque Journal reported yesterday morning: Federal investigators have uncovered a series of shortcomings in safety training, emergency response and oversight at the troubled southeastern New Mexico nuclear waste dump where a truck caught fire and 17 workers were recently … Continue reading

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Event Reports: New York nuke shuts itself down following possible maintenance error

Suppose you’re driving down the freeway and your car suddenly loses power and the airbags deploy. You call a tow truck and have your car towed to a garage. Two hours later, the mechanic tells you that there is nothing … Continue reading

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