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Another radioactive animal story: Contaminated goldfish at Ohio nuke

You should know by now that I can’t resist a radioctive animal story. The Cleveland Leader reported yesterday: An investigation is underway by the U.S. Nucleaer Regulatory Commission after a pair of radioactive goldfish were discovered swimming in a lemonade … Continue reading

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Someting’s growing in the spent fuel pool at Savannah River

I love this kind of story. The Augusta Chronicle reported last month: Savannah River Site scientists are working to identify a strange growth found on racks of spent nuclear fuel collected from foreign governments. The “white, stringlike” material was found … Continue reading

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Japanese enlist wild monkeys to assist in radiation monitoring

Without comment, I give you this, from MSNBC: Wild monkeys fitted with collars containing detectors and GPS transmitters will help researchers at Fukushima University measure radiation in the forests surrounding a nuclear power plant crippled last March by a powerful earthquake and … Continue reading

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Radioactive cows near Fukushima

The Wall Street Journal reported earlier today: The Tokyo metropolitan government said Saturday that elevated levels of radioactive cesium were detected in a herd of cattle from Fukushima prefecture, marking the first time that radiation has been found in domestic … Continue reading

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