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Stunning hypocrisy on subsidies

The Wall Street Journal editorial board defended the lackluster performance of the current Congress, writing: The media are saying that the 113th Congress is on track to be “the least productive” on record—as if that’s bad for the country. Let’s … Continue reading

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“We can’t make the numbers work,” says chief nuclear officer for Exelon; Will rising construction costs and cheaper alternatives doom the Nuclear Renaissance?

An in-depth article in this morning’s Tampa Bay Times lays out the case against building new nuclear power plants: Building a nuclear plant is not the cheapest way to keep the lights on. Not with such low natural gas prices. Not … Continue reading

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Nuclear industry group seeks to head off NRC action by proposing voluntary safety upgrades it knows will never be instituted

The Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI) unveiled a plan this week that seems to be designed to head off any serious regulation by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) in the wake of last March’s Fukushima disaster. NEI officials are meeting with … Continue reading

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