Boston TV station finds unmanned security gate at Seabrook nuclear power plant

In a major security breach, a news team from WHDW-TV (7News) in Boston found that the gate at the employee parking entrance to the Seabrook nuclear power plant was unmanned. WHDW reported today:

…no one was checking on three different days this summer when 7News videotaped cars coming and going through an unmanned employee gate at Seabrook Station.

No one approached the crews and security patrols never passed the area. (E)ven with the cameras no one questioned the 7News photographers and reporters.

The 7News investigation was the result of a notification from a Seabrook employee:

…a long time Seabrook employee has come forward telling 7News he thinks the plant is vulnerable.

“We’re not checking who’s coming on and off the property,” the employee, who asked to not be identified, said.

The employee said the problem is not recent, and that information useful to terrorists could be gleaned from the employee parking lot:

The employee said it has been nearly a year since there was a person manning the employee entry.

“You’d be able to see where upgrades have been placed in, where defensive positions are, where alarmed fences are at.”
An expert brought in by WHDW agreed that this was a serious security breach:

A security expert took a look at the video collected at by 7News.

“(Were) it six jihadists in a Suburban nothing is stopping them from driving all the way through and going to wherever they plan to go,” Anthony Amore said.

Amore continued:

…in a spot where the public could easily access the property there only appeared to be cameras.

“It doesn’t take a security expert to know that a nuclear power plant is a place that would be an attractive target and would cause unimaginable mayhem and injury,” Amore said.

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission inspected Seabrook in June:

Officials from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, which oversees all nuclear power plants, say Seabrook passed inspection in June, but it did have a “minor security violation” which was deemed classified and not released.

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2 Responses to Boston TV station finds unmanned security gate at Seabrook nuclear power plant

  1. Debby Ward says:

    uh, maybe because FEMA and the local govt are going to do a drill there and they want people to think its real..I just posted an article on my FB and Twitter from the cities local news

  2. Robert Milroy says:

    *This is some of the best journalism I’ve ever read. Gripping tale of how a reporter stayed on the outside starring at an unmanned gate and then consulted a security “professional ” who has no idea of the security structure there and he determined it was a major breach in security. That gentleman was an asshat. This journalist was a clown. Somehow both get paid as professionals. Interesting….

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