Event Reports: New York nuke workers figure out how to get around random Fitness for Duty tests

An interesting item from Monday’s NRC Event Notification Reports page:

The FitzPatrick nuclear power plant in New York reported:

“A significant Fitness for Duty (FFD) programmatic vulnerability was discovered during an NRC inspection. A potential exists that some members of the FFD site’s random drug test pool could control and predict the date and time that the random list is run; thus mitigating the effectiveness of the ‘random aspect’ for the staff.”

NRC regs require that: “Random testing must be administered in a manner that provides reasonable assurance that individuals are unable to predict the time periods during which specimens will be collected.”

So, given that some workers, at least at Fitzpatrick, have figured out how to game the system, here are some items about people at other plants who were too drunk or stoned to evade the tests:

1. On Monday, Georgia’s Hatch nuclear power plant reported that a licensed supervisor violated the facility’s Fitness for Duty policy,although no further details were provided. The supervisor’s plant access has been suspended.

2. On Tuesday, officials at the Nine Mile Point nuclear power plant reported that a non-licensed supervisor tested positive for alcohol in a for-cause Fitness for Duty test. The employee’s access to the plant has been terminated. Nine Mile Point is co-located with the FitzPatrick plant.

3. And today, Illinois’ Quad Cities nuclear power plant reported that a licensed supervisor tested positive for alcohol in a random Fitness for Duty screening. The supervisor’s plant access had been suspended.


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