Four cylinders of enriched uranium hexafluoride fall almost twenty feet during loading operation at Canadian port

World Nuclear News reported today:

Port authorities are investigating how four cylinders containing enriched uranium hexafluoride (UF6) were dropped during unloading operations in Halifax at Canada’s Nova Scotia.

Shortly before 10.00 pm on 13 March, the Halifax Regional Fire and Emergency Hazardous Materials service was called to the shipping terminal for a reported incident during unloading from a vessel. It was found that the cylinders had remained intact and radiation levels had remained normal throughout the incident.

Four standard 30B cylinders (around 75 cm in diameter, each holding around 2200 kg UF6) were being lifted inside a flat rack container, when one side of the container became detached from the crane, causing that end of the container to fall around six metres. None of the unloading staff were hurt and the cylinders remained inside the container and were undamaged. An investigation into the cause of the cargo mishandling is currently being carried out by port authority Ceres.

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