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Event Report: Another day, another open door

Earlier this week, I told you about some open doors and the resulting loss of containment at a couple of nuclear power plants. This morning’s Event Notification Report page contained another. The Davis Besse nuclear power plant in Ohio reported … Continue reading

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Event Reports: More doors left open

A couple of items from Event Reports submitted to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) last week concerned loss of containment. There have been a lot of incidents of this sort this year. 1. Last Wednesday morning at a time not … Continue reading

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Event Reports: A reactor shuts itself down in Mississippi, a Fitness for Duty report from Connecticut and another day, another open door

From today’s Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s Event Notification Report page: 1. On Sunday, the sole reactor at the Grand Gulf nuclear power plant in Mississippi shut itself down following a turbine trip. Grand Gulf’s report stressed that all the shutdown systems … Continue reading

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