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Event Reports: Loss of offsite power, seismic vulnerability, a dropped control element assembly and another and another Fitness for Duty violation

This week in nuclear power kicked on Hallloween: 1. Friday afternoon, the Diablo Canyon nuclear power facility in California experienced an unplanned activation of all six of the plant’s emergency diesel generators when a thunderstorm knocked out offsite power to the station. … Continue reading

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Decommissioning San Onofre will cost $4.4 billion

Just something to think about before we build any more nuclear power plants…. The Seaside Courier reported today: The Community Engagement Panel, which was created to advise plant owners Southern California Edison, San Diego Gas & Electric and others, will … Continue reading

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Update on Diablo Canyon: Senate committee to hold hearings on closure

Yesterday, I told you that the former NRC resident inspector at the Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant is calling for the facility to be closed over seismic concerns. Today, closure may be one step closer. According to an Associated Press … Continue reading

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Event Report: Both diesel generators for reactor 2 at Diablo Canyon declared inoperable

A problem with the reactor’s emergency diesel generators (EDG) has shut down Unit 2 at the Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant in California. According to the Event Report filed with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission this morning, an inspection revealed a … Continue reading

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A scary half-hour in California as sirens blare; Follow-up text message warns of “civil emergency”

The Sacramento CBS affiliate reported last Friday: Residents of California’s San Luis Obispo County received a series of unsettling erroneous emergency alerts as repairs were being made to a nuclear power plant’s siren system. Emergency services manager Ron Alsop says … Continue reading

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Event Reports: An electrical issue shuts down a reactor in New Hampshire, a leak causes an Illinois reactor to coast to a stop, a Louisiana reactor loses emergency sirens and an earthquake hits a shuttered nuke in California

Some items from today’s Event Notification Report: 1. Early this morning, as operators were ramping down the sole reactor at New Hampshire’s Seabrook nuclear power plant for refueling, the reactor shut itself down and initiated an emergency feedwater activation. The … Continue reading

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New report finds high rates of cancer near California nuke

CalCoastNews.com reported to today: A report by the World Business Academy that details negative health trends in the area surrounding the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant in San Luis Obispo County was released Monday. Stephen W. Hosea, MD, the associate … Continue reading

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