Event Reports: An electrical issue shuts down a reactor in New Hampshire, a leak causes an Illinois reactor to coast to a stop, a Louisiana reactor loses emergency sirens and an earthquake hits a shuttered nuke in California

Some items from today’s Event Notification Report:

1. Early this morning, as operators were ramping down the sole reactor at New Hampshire’s Seabrook nuclear power plant for refueling, the reactor shut itself down and initiated an emergency feedwater activation. The cause of the shutdown was loss of power to an electrical bus. Seabrook reports that the exact cause of the electrical problem is being investigated.

2. Yesterday afternoon, a leaking isolation valve was indentified in Unit 2 at Illinois’ Quad Cities nuclear power plant. The reactor was in the process of being ramped down to zero at the time of the leak, but the condition required a Technical Specification shutdown, requiring the plant to get to zero output within twelve hours. This morning’s Reactor Status Report indicates that the unit is now shut down.

3. A monthly siren inspection yesterday afternoon showed that six emergency sirens associated with the Waterford nuclear power plant in Louisiana were inoperable. Waterford says that repairs will be made today.

4. And, the San Onofre nuclear power plant in California determined that it failed to declare an emergency after an earthquake was felt on the grounds of the facility. The earthquake, which registered at 5.1 in Los Angeles, occurred Friday evening, and was severe enough that San Onofre should have declared a Notice of Ususual Event, per NRC rules. San Onofre is being decommissioned, and the two reactors at the site have been defueled, but the fuel rods are presumably onsite, probably in the spent fuel pools.


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