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Decommissioning San Onofre will cost $4.4 billion

Just something to think about before we build any more nuclear power plants…. The Seaside Courier reported today: The Community Engagement Panel, which was created to advise plant owners Southern California Edison, San Diego Gas & Electric and others, will … Continue reading

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Event Reports: An electrical issue shuts down a reactor in New Hampshire, a leak causes an Illinois reactor to coast to a stop, a Louisiana reactor loses emergency sirens and an earthquake hits a shuttered nuke in California

Some items from today’s Event Notification Report: 1. Early this morning, as operators were ramping down the sole reactor at New Hampshire’s Seabrook nuclear power plant for refueling, the reactor shut itself down and initiated an emergency feedwater activation. The … Continue reading

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A major victory for opponents of nuclear power: San Onofre nuclear plant to close permenantly

Great news from southern California last week. As the New York Times reported: The owners of the San Onofre nuclear power plant in Southern California, which has been shut since January 2012, said on Friday that they would close it … Continue reading

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Cajon Pass wildfire could pose threat to radioactive waste shipment

It is very difficult to determine if the Cajon Pass wildfire on I-15 in California poses a threat to the truck hauling a 797,000-pound piece of a radioactive steel from a steam generator from the San Onofre nuclear power plant … Continue reading

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Radioactive waste moving through Southern California on way to Utah

  One of the selling points when Waste Control Specialists made its case to the Texas Legislature for permission to build a low-level radioactive waste dump in West Texas was that most low-level waste is innocuous, consisting largely of what … Continue reading

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New problem at California nuke: Backup generators might not operate during earthquake

The San Onofre nuclear power plant has been closed for nearly four months while the Nuclear Regulatory Commission wants to know why steam tubes in the plant’s reactors┬áhave been showing signs of early wear. Now, plant officials have notified the … Continue reading

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NRC orders both units at San Onofre to remain closed indefinitely

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission today issued a Confirmatory Action Letter ordering the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station to remain closed until completion of repairs to the steam generator tubes in both units. According to the NRC’s press release: “This Confirmatory … Continue reading

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