Japanese enlist wild monkeys to assist in radiation monitoring

Without comment, I give you this, from MSNBC:

Wild monkeys fitted with collars containing detectors and GPS transmitters will help researchers at Fukushima University measure radiation in the forests surrounding a nuclear power plant crippled last March by a powerful earthquake and tsunami.

The monkeys will wear the collars for a month and they will be remotely detached, says a team of scientists led by Professor Takayuki Takahashi.

“We decided to use monkeys for this project because the territory they cover is very well known to us,” Professor Takahashi told the Telegraph of London. “It’s the first time such an experiment has been carried out with monkeys.”

The collars will contain a dosimeter, which measures radiation levels, as well as an altimeter to measure height above the ground, and a GPS tracking device, Takahashi said, according to a report in Life’s Little Mysteries.  As soon as February, the collars will be fitted on as many as three wild monkeys living in a forest in the Fukushima Prefecture.

Here’s a link: http://worldnews.msnbc.msn.com/_news/2011/12/14/9453896-wild-monkeys-to-help-detect-radiation-from-crippled-fukushima-nuclear-plant


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