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Event Reports: Earthquake felt on-site at Arizona nuke, Fitness for Duty failures in Pennsylvania and Tennessee, alarm failure reported in Illinois and high winds felt at Iowa nuke

Some items from this week’s Events Notification Report page on the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s website: 1. On Saturday night, Arizona’s Palo Verde nuclear power declared an Unusual Event after an earthquake was felt on-site. The shaking was the result of … Continue reading

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Construction errors halt construction of new Tennessee nuke; Workers removed parts from operating reactor

The Chattanooga Times Free Press reported today: TVA has ordered an unpaid safety work stoppage at Watts Bar Nuclear Plant for about 1,000 contract workers after finding cables had been erroneously removed from Unit 1 — the operating reactor — … Continue reading

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TVA announces layoff of 800 workers, citing slow progress on building new reactor

I missed this story last week. On Thursday, October 20, Bloomberg Businessweek reported: The Tennessee Valley Authority and a contractor announced Wednesday they are laying off about 600 temporary construction workers and an additional 200 support staff after unsatisfactory progress … Continue reading

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Monday Event Report: A leaking package, enough drugs to share and malfunctioning emergency sirens

From Monday’s NRC Event Reports: 1. Thursday afternoon, the Oconee nuclear power plant in South Carolina reported an accident involving shipment of nuclear materials. If that is a little vague, it’s because the Event Report was less than helpful. Headlined “DAMAGED PACKAGING … Continue reading

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Scrams, acid spills, generator problems and unexpected emergency water….

Memorial Day was a busy one for the 104 nuclear reactors in the United States. In addition to a pair of emergency diesel generator problems, two unscheduled activations of emergency cooling systems and a sulfuric acid spill, there were three scrams … Continue reading

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