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Event Reports: Seismic monitor reviews reveal many outages

I’m trying to play catch up after not posting anything in quite a length of time. I’ve decided to do a series of longitudinal reviews of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s Event Notification Reports for the last month covering a number of subjects, … Continue reading

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NRC Event Reports: A leak, a bad weld and more potential fire problems

Today’s NRC Event Reports page contained three interesting items today: 1. The Quad Cities nuclear power plant in Illinois reported a drain line leak in its Unit 2 reactor, rendering the unit’s High Pressure Coolant Injection system inoperable. Not to … Continue reading

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Monday Event Report: A leaking package, enough drugs to share and malfunctioning emergency sirens

From Monday’s NRC Event Reports: 1. Thursday afternoon, the Oconee nuclear power plant in South Carolina reported an accident involving shipment of nuclear materials. If that is a little vague, it’s because the Event Report was less than helpful. Headlined “DAMAGED PACKAGING … Continue reading

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