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Old Soviet-era reactor returns to service at Leningrad nuclear plant

I read a fair amount of unusual stuff each day, but this jumped out at me. The World Nuclear News reported today: Leningrad 1, the oldest operating RBMK unit, has been reconnected to the grid after the completion of work … Continue reading

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Fire at Russian nuclear institute that houses decommissioned reactor

Details are still sketchy, but Reuters reported today: A fire broke out on Sunday at a Moscow nuclear research centre that houses a non-operational 60-year-old atomic reactor, an emergency official said, … The fire was in a basement at the … Continue reading

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Fire on board Russian nuclear submarine extinguished after 20 hour battle

A fire broke out yesterday on the Russian nuclear submarine Yekaterinburg, which was in drydock at the time of the incident. MSNBC reported this morning: Russia said on Friday it had doused a raging blaze aboard a nuclear submarine after … Continue reading

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Incoming!: Phobos-Grunt to come crashing to earth next month, possibly trailing clouds of toxic materials, radioactive debris

Phobos-Grunt has now been deemed unrecoverable, as the BBC just reported: Russia’s space agency (Roscosmos) says its unsuccessful Mars probe will fall back to Earth next month. The unmanned Phobos-Grunt spacecraft became stranded in orbit in November. The agency says … Continue reading

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NASA Mars Rover will carry over ten pounds of plutonium into space, raising questions about Russian Mars mission

World Nuclear News carried an article today on the NASA Mars Rover Curiosity, scheduled to be launched on next week:   Curiosity’s nuclear battery is the first of a new ‘multi-mission’ design that uses solid state thermocouples to produce electricity … Continue reading

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United States and Russia sign commitment to increase use of nuclear power

Looks as if the United States is eager to join the countries determined to learn absolutely nothing from the Fukushima meltdowns. World Nuclear News just reported: Energy leaders from Russia and America have made a “commitment to supporting the safe … Continue reading

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‘Floating nuke’ mired in bankruptcy proceedings‏

Without comment: World Nuclear News Court seizes floating nuclear plant 15 August 2011 The world’s first floating nuclear power plant, currently under construction, has been seized by the Court of Arbitration of Saint Petersburg as the shipyard building it faces … Continue reading

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Russian nuclear icebreaker leaking coolant

The Norwegian environmental organization Bellona reported today: The Russian nuclear-powered icebreaker Taymyr is returning to its home port after tiny cracks in the first cooling circuit of the ship’s reactor were found to be leaking large quantities of cooling water, … Continue reading

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