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Event Reports: Operator error at a research reactor in Colorado, and commercial reactor shutdowns in Georgia, Pennsylvania and New Jersey

Some items from today’s Event Notification Report page on the NRC website: 1. Yesterday morning, a research reactor in Colorado licensed to the U. S. Geological Survey was being put through a surveillance test that involved increasing the reactor’s output. … Continue reading

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Event Report: Faulty fuel temperature indicator found at University of Texas research reactor‏

I live in Austin, Texas, about 15 miles from the University of Texas’ research reactor. (It used to be closer, but the University moved the little bugger from the main campus and set up shop in North Austin, right across … Continue reading

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Radiation leak forces evacuation at South Korean research reactor

  Reuters carried this earlier today:   (South Korean news agency) Yonhap reported that a radioactive substance rose to the surface of a water tank when researchers were working to make a semiconductor wafer at a nuclear reactor, which set off … Continue reading

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