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Coming soon to a railroad near you: The Plutonium Express

  There are these two holes in the ground, one in West Texas and one in eastern New Mexico, and the owners are fighting over who can bury the worst radioactive nightmares imaginable. The problem is that every imaginable route to the … Continue reading

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Were workers at Waste Isolation Pilot Plant exposed to plutonium?

In a rather remarkable case of burying the lead (or at lease moving it to the last six words,) the Los Angeles Times yesterday concluded a paragraph about how the radioactive leak at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) is … Continue reading

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Slightly less nasty technology may soon keep deep-space missions warm: Replacing plutonium with americium

All: This is one of those half-a-loaf stories. World Nuclear News reported yesterday: Initial success in demonstrating the feasibility of “space batteries” has led to the UK’s National Nuclear Laboratory (NNL) being awarded further developmental work by the European Space … Continue reading

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NASA Mars Rover will carry over ten pounds of plutonium into space, raising questions about Russian Mars mission

World Nuclear News carried an article today on the NASA Mars Rover Curiosity, scheduled to be launched on next week:   Curiosity’s nuclear battery is the first of a new ‘multi-mission’ design that uses solid state thermocouples to produce electricity … Continue reading

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Six employees contaminated in incident at Idaho National Laboratory

Tuesday afternoon, seventeen contract employees at the Idaho National Laboratory were exposed to low levels of plutonium while working inside a decommissioned nuclear reactor. The Deseret News reported: The latest update issued by the emergency command center said that six of the 17 … Continue reading

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Plutonium found in soil at Fukushima

Reuters reported  in the last half-hour: Plutonium found in soil around the crippled Fukushima nuclear complex added to mounting problems on Tuesday in Japan’s battle to contain the world’s worst atomic crisis since Chernobyl. Plant operator Tokyo Electric Power Co … Continue reading

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