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Event Reports: A plethora of low level radioactive waste incidents

  After having spent the better part of the morning tilting with the Texas Low Radioactive Waste Disposal Compact Commission, I thought I’d focus on a month or so of Nuclear Regulatory Commission Event Reports on the kinds of waste that are supposed (in theory) to … Continue reading

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Dump Watch: A look at what’s upstream….

As part of keeping track of the sorts of low level radioactive waste that might eventually be disposed of at the Waste Control Specialists’ dump in Andrews County, Texas, I’ve decided to post some of the items that show up … Continue reading

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Event Reports: Rad waste casks fail to meet standards, operator fails Fitness for Duty test in Wisconsin

  Two items from this morning’s NRC Event Reports page:   1. Energy Solutions notified the Nuclear Regulatory that two types of shipping cask that it provides to the nuclear industry failed to meet technical specifications for some acciddent scenarios. Energy … Continue reading

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Is it just me, or is this a stunningly stupid idea? Georgia company seeks permission to import radioactive waste from Mexico, incinerate it in Washington state

  An Atlanta-based company, Perma-Fix Environmental Solutions Inc., has filed an application with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) to import up to 500 tons of radioactive waste from the Laguna Verde nuclear power plant in Mexico. Perma-Fix wants to ship the waste … Continue reading

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