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Be Afraid. Be a Little Afraid: NRC finds security violation or violations at Pennsylvania nuke, but declines to say what they are

Lansdale, PA’s The Reporter carried a story earlier today about the results of an inspection at the Limerick nuclear power plant: The federal government has identified a security problem at Exelon’s Limerick Generating Station but because it’s a security matter, … Continue reading

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Event Reports: Operator error at a research reactor in Colorado, and commercial reactor shutdowns in Georgia, Pennsylvania and New Jersey

Some items from today’s Event Notification Report page on the NRC website: 1. Yesterday morning, a research reactor in Colorado licensed to the U. S. Geological Survey was being put through a surveillance test that involved increasing the reactor’s output. … Continue reading

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Event Reports: Reactor glitches in Pennsylvania and Illinois

A couple of items from today’s NRC Event Notification page: 1. Late last night, operators at the Limerick nuclear power plant in Pennsylvania manually scrammed the Unit 1 reactor following failure of the unit’s Electro Hydraulic Control system. The EHC … Continue reading

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Event Reports: Two more reactors lose containment due to doors being left open

Two events from today’s NRC Event Notification Reports page: 1. Wednesday morning, the Duane Arnold nuclear power plant in Iowa lost containment when both doors in the Secondary Containment Airlock were open at the same time. Secondary Containment had to … Continue reading

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Event Reports: A New Jersey reactor scrams when the unit is offline, and yet another drunken operator

From today’s Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s Event Notification Reports page: 1. The Reactor Protection System for Unit 1 at the New Jersey’s Oyster Creek nuclear power plant activated unexpectedly yesterday evening. This came as a surprise because the reactor was offline … Continue reading

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Do you live near one of these 32 reactors? GE Hitachi still not sure they can be shut down safely after an earthquake

  GE Hitachi (GEH) posted an update on the NRC website today: “GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy (GEH) provided an update to its guidance and supporting evaluations that were reported in MFN 08-420 R0 on December 19, 2008 and MFN 10-245 R5 … Continue reading

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NRC Event Reports: Another fire potential report, a breach of containment, an impaired supervisor and a lot of reactor shutdowns

Here’s a week’s worth of items from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s Event Reports. (The summaries, in case you’re wondering, are mine.): As I told you last week, the nuclear industry is now reviewing plant operations in light of something called … Continue reading

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