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Event Reports: Seismic monitor reviews reveal many outages

I’m trying to play catch up after not posting anything in quite a length of time. I’ve decided to do a series of longitudinal reviews of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s Event Notification Reports for the last month covering a number of subjects, … Continue reading

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Event Report: LaSalle nuclear fails unplanned fire drill

Illinois’ LaSalle nuclear power plant reported that operators received a fire alarm from the Unit 2 Reactor Building at 7:57 yesterday morning. A fire team was dispatched and confirmed at 8:17 that there was no fire. However, LaSalle’s license requires … Continue reading

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Event Report: Illinois nuke scrams after emergency system activates

Exelon’s LaSalle nuclear power plant informed the NRC that yesterday afternoon, the Illinois plant’s Unit 2 reactor scrammed, that is, shut itself down automatically, following an unexpected activation of the Reactor Protection System. According to the report on today’s Nuclear … Continue reading

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Do you live near one of these 32 reactors? GE Hitachi still not sure they can be shut down safely after an earthquake

  GE Hitachi (GEH) posted an update on the NRC website today: “GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy (GEH) provided an update to its guidance and supporting evaluations that were reported in MFN 08-420 R0 on December 19, 2008 and MFN 10-245 R5 … Continue reading

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More good news: TVA cutting budget, staff for mothballed Alabama nuclear plant

 According to an Associated Press report appearing yesterday in the Dayton Daily News: The Tennessee Valley Authority will cut 530 jobs and trim millions of dollars in spending on its effort to revive a mothballed nuclear plant in Alabama, utility … Continue reading

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Event Report: Control room containment problem at Illinois nuke

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission received a notice today from the LaSalle nuclear power plant about a potential safety problem. The Illinois nuclear power plant reported a “condition that could have prevented fulfillment of a safety function needed to control the … Continue reading

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Event Reports: Cut fiber optic lines, a small explosion and a stoned supervisor

Notes from the Columbus Day weekend: 1. Two New York nuclear plants with a total of three reactors were without some emergency notification systems after a traffic accident Friday afternoon. Nine Mile Point reported that multiple annunciators sounded, resulting in the … Continue reading

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