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Attack of the Sea Salp: California nuke shut down by jellyfish invasion‏

On Wednesday, operators at the Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant manually scrammed the Unit 2 reactor “due to an influx of sea salp – a small, jellyfish-like organism – in the intake structure.” The plant activated the reactor’s auxiliary feedwater … Continue reading

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Update: Jellyfish swarm at Florida nuke also killed fish

The Palm Beach Post reported today: A massive influx of jellyfish shut down the St. Lucie nuclear power plant in late August, but it is only now that nuclear regulators, wildlife officials and marine researchers are learning that the event … Continue reading

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Nuclear reactors don’t seem to be all that reliable….

I was just thinking this afternoon about the fact that the San Onofre nuclear power plant suffered an automatic shutdown to both its reactors yesterday, following what operators described as a “grid disturbance.” Opponents of renewable energy often make fun … Continue reading

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Jellyfish shut down Florida nuke

According to an Event Report submitted this morning to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, operators of the Unit reactor at the Saint Lucie nuclear plant in Florida manually shut down the reactor yesterday afternoon, following a rise in condensor backpressure caused … Continue reading

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