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Event Report: Ohio nuclear plants loses safety display system for seven hours due to hard drive failure

On Thursday afternoon, the Davis-Besse nuclear power plant in Ohio lost its Safety Parameter Display System (SPDS) during a failure of the plant’s hard drive. According to the Event Report submitted to the NRC, data from the SPDS “was not … Continue reading

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Event Report: Alabama nuke might not be able to shut down in event of fire

Browns Ferry nuclear power plant told the NRC this morning that a recent review had cast doubts on the ability of the facility’s reactors to shut down in the event of a fire in a particular location. According to the … Continue reading

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Event Report: Operators scram Illinois nuke following turbine trip

The Unit 2 reactor at the Byron nuclear power plant in Illinois has been shut down since January 31, following a loss of offsite power incident. On Monday of this week, repairs had been completed, and operators were attempting to … Continue reading

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Tennessee nuclear fuel worker contaminated; Hole in gloves discovered

A worker at a Nuclear Fuel Services, Inc., plant in Erwin, Tennessee, was treated yesterday for exposure to hydrogen fluoride. He received the dose because of a pinhole in the box gloves he was using. The onsite treatment facility rinsed … Continue reading

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South Carolina nuke declares emergency due to fire inside containment

Early yesterday evening, the Robinson nuclear power plant in South Carolina declared an emergency and issued a Notice of Unusual Event (NOUE) due to a fire in an electrical panel. The plant’s fire brigade responded, and the NOUE was ended after … Continue reading

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Event Report: Chemical spill at Minnesota nuke results in Alert

Early this morning, a pipe ruptured in the chlorine house at the Prairie Island nuclear power plant in Minnesota. An as-yet-unspecified amount of sodium hypochlorite spilled and was contained within the building. According to the Event Report: “”The spill resulted … Continue reading

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Event Reports: Maintenance complications in Florida, a reactor scram in Louisiana, human error and a halon release in South Carolina and a faulty valve in Massachusetts

A number of items appeared on the NRC Event Reports today following the long holiday weekend: 1. On December 6, the Turkey Point nuclear power plant in Florida began work on modifications to the plant’s Technical Support System (TSC.) The system … Continue reading

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