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Another warning sign: EDF’s CFO resigns over Hinkley Point costs

Expatica reported today: The chief financial officer of French energy giant EDF, Thomas Piquemal, has resigned over a disagreement about the feasibility of an ambitious project to build Britain’s first new nuclear power plant in decades, a source close to … Continue reading

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French nuclear reactor shuts down following two small fires; Subsequent investigation reveals on-going reactor coolant leak

The Wall Street Journal reported earier today: French state-controlled utility Electricit√© de France SA said late Thursday that a leak was detected at one of its nuclear reactors in northwestern France, after two small fires were extinguished at the site … Continue reading

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French reactor shut down following discovery of cracks in pressure vessel tubes

World Nuclear News reported earlier today: Inspection work has revealed tiny cracks on a penetration at the bottom of Gravelines 1’s reactor pressure vessel. The power unit remains shut down until a repair has been made.¬† In France’s 900-MWe class … Continue reading

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French reprocessing facility had been cited earlier this year for safety violations

Talk about burying the lead! This was the tenth paragraph of the Wall Street Journal’s article on the explosion this morning at a French reprocessing site: In 2011 France’s nuclear safety regulator issued a warning over safety measures at the … Continue reading

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