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Event Report: “Inadvertent alert” at California nuke

During a training scenario in the plant’s simulator yesterday morning, technicians at the Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant in California inadvertently issued an Alert notification for the Unit 1 reactor. The warning was specific: it reported “a loss of the Unit … Continue reading

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Event Reports: Worker exposure, medical misadministration, fuel storage problems and fire safety defects

Some items from today’s Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s Event Reports page:  1. The Yaffe Iron and Metal Company reported to the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality that the scrap metal yard had discovered an “orphaned radioactive source” in an outgoing shipment … Continue reading

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Scrams, acid spills, generator problems and unexpected emergency water….

Memorial Day was a busy one for the 104 nuclear reactors in the United States. In addition to a pair of emergency diesel generator problems, two unscheduled activations of emergency cooling systems and a sulfuric acid spill, there were three scrams … Continue reading

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Human error results in two NRC Event Reports

Today’s Event Reports on the NRC website contains two events that stem from operator error: 1. Yesterday morning, Diablo Canyon in California experienced an unplanned start of the system’s emergency diesel generators when employees working on an electrical relay for … Continue reading

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