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Trouble on Nuclear Island: More in-fighting pushes back completion of new Finnish nuclear reactor

When a nuclear power plant is behind schedule or over budget, nuclear proponents like to blame pesky safety regulations or those darned environmentalists. As I told you last Thursday in a post on the expansion project at the Koeberg nuclear … Continue reading

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Event Reports: Pump failure in Louisiana, fuel fabrication facility safety problem in Washington state, and potential flood problems in Nebraska‏

A few things from today’s Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s Event Reports page: 1. Yesterday morning, operators at the Waterford nuclear power plant in Louisiana took Essential Chilled Water Pump B out of service for maintenance. Actions taken at that time also “rendered … Continue reading

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Nuke manufacturing plant put on hold

The Richland Times-Dispatch reported yesterday: Construction is being halted at a planned nuclear manufacturing plant in Newport News. Areva Newport News says it is shelving the project because of unfavorable market conditions and uncertainty over U.S. energy policy. The plant … Continue reading

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AREVA CEO: Disaster will make nukes safer

What has the nuclear industry learned from four partial meltdowns and the release of vast amount of radiation? Apparently nothing, according to a post on the EnergyBiz blog: “Nothing has changed,” says Jacques Besnainou, chief executive of Areva North America … Continue reading

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