Update on Calvert Cliffs security breach: It’s all a clever plan to look defenseless….


In it’s continuing effort to lessen the severity of a recently reported lapse in security, the Calvert Cliffs nuclear power plant in Virgina has drifted further and further from reality and is now approaching creative writing. Apparently, not having guards at the front entrance is to keep the guards rested and ready if they need to spring into action. SoMedNews reported last Friday:

“This is really a perception versus reality discussion,” said plant spokesman Kory Raftery.

In April, Calvert Cliffs joined many other nuclear power plants in moving guards away from the main entrance to position them in areas they would be more useful during an incident, said site vice president George Gellrich.

The reasoning behind this decision is because guards placed prominently at the entrance would be the first and easiest targets for someone approaching the plant with bad intentions, Gellrich said.

“It may give the general public a comfort,” Gellrich said. “In reality, it plays into the hand of terrorists and their ability to attack the site.”

Silly me. I thought the purpose of putting guards at the front gate was to say to people with bad intentions that the plants are prepared to repel an attack.

Calvert Cliffs also used the “But Dad, nobody puts guards at the front gates anymore!” defense:

After making the change to not have guards at the main entrance, federal, state and county authorities were notified. About 75 percent of nuclear power facilities in the country operate in this way, without guards at the main entrance, and the plant did not reduce staffing, Gellrich said….


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2 Responses to Update on Calvert Cliffs security breach: It’s all a clever plan to look defenseless….

  1. Christopher Paine says:

    Robert, Calvert Cliffs is in Maryland.

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