Event Reports: Emergency notification problems in Kansas and Illinois

A couple of items from today’s Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s (NRC) Event Notification Report page concern emergency notification systems.

1. The Wolf Creek nuclear power plant in Kansas suffered a major loss of communications capability yesterday when the plant’s internal phone system, Emergency Notification System (ENS) and Emergency Response Data System (ERDS) became inoperable due to a power supply failure. As of this morning, the ERDS has been restored to service, but Wolf Creek has no estimate as to when the ENS and internal phone system will be back in place.

Today’s report says that the NRC resident inspector has been informed. The report doesn’t say how the resident inspector was informed, but it probably wasn’t by phone.

2. Yesterday morning, Illinois’ Clinton nuclear power plant conducted a test of its offsite siren system, and the results were not good. 26 of 40 Emergency Preparedness sirens were declared nonfunctional. That means that, had there been an emergency, 84.4 per cent of the population in the Emergency Preparedness Zone would not have been in range of an operable siren. The cause of the problem was a faulty microwave link at the plant.

Until repairs can be completed, DeWitt County has implemented the backup means of notification known as Route Alerting. This consists of roving vehicles with public address systems. I imagine those look something like this:

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