Event Reports: More diesel generator problems

As I told you on Monday, California’s Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant determined that in certain wind and weather conditions, the Unit 1 reactor’s diesel generator might not be able to operate safely.

On Friday, Saint Lucie in Florida reported that the same situation applied to its Unit 2 reactor. According to the Event Report: “…atmospheric conditions that had sustained high winds exceeding approximately 50 miles per hour from the ENE direction could result in inadequate heat removal to support continuous operation of the Unit 2 emergency diesel generators.” Diablo Canyon’s compensatory measures specified that doors be left open. Saint Lucie was a little more vague: “…an adverse condition monitoring plan was issued requiring implementation of compensatory measures to assure adequate emergency diesel generator cooling to support continuous operation of the U2 emergency diesel generators….”

And also on Friday, Diablo Canyon had another problem with the Unit 1 emergency diesel generators. Diablo Canyon reported that two of three emergency diesel generators were out of service. Apparently the problem was the result of operator error: “During an operational walk-down of the Unit 1 EDG 1-3, the associated fuel oil priming pump discharge fitting and pump housing were inadvertently damaged.”

Event Notification Reports are available at www.nrc.gov. Click on Read More under Event Reports on the right side of the page.


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