Florida reactor may have shut down last night

I have a pretty regimented process for determining what’s happened with the nation’s nuclear power plants overnight. It usually starts with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s Event Notification Reports, to see what the individual plants have reported to the NRC. Then, I go to Google News and check a set of key words and phrases to see if there was anything that happened too late to make the morning’s NRC page. Then, I go through my e-mail where I receive updates from organizations like the Nuclear Information and Resource Service, the Nuclear Energy Institute and the World Nuclear Association.

This morning, everything seemed to be going smoothly. Then, I received an e-mail from Industrial Info Resources concerning an upcoming conference in Houston. (Industrial Info Resources describe themselves as Providing Global Market Intelligence Constantly Living Forward, which sounds either like the world’s most clumsy acronym or something hastily translated from Portuguese.) In attempting to find out more about the conference, I went to the Industrial Info website, where I found their daily news summary, which included this, dated today and written by Industrial Info staff:

Unit 1 at the Saint Lucie Nuclear Power Plant, which is located on Hutchinson Island, near Ft. Pierce, Florida, tripped offline overnight due to a problem with the reactor coolant pump seals.

That’s odd, I thought, there was nothing about this on the NRC website, and it didn’t show up in Google News. I went back and searched Google News with the more specific description nuclear Saint Lucie. Still nothing.

So I went back to the NRC website and looked at the Reactor Status Reports page. Sure enough, Unit 1 is listed at 0 per cent power this morning. So something has apparently happened.

Next, I looked at the Florida Power and Light Company website for a press release. Nada. Same for NextEra Energy, of which FPL is a subsidiary.

So, Industrial Info seems to have an exclusive on the Saint Lucie shutdown. Maybe there will be an Event Report tomorrow….


Here’s a link for the Industrial Info summary: http://www.industrialinfo.com/news/abstract.jsp?newsitemID=239853


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