Correction: Hope Creek reactor shut itself down twice in a week, not twice in a day

View of the Hope Creek, N.J. nuclear plant, taken July, 2011.

Okay, sometimes I work faster than I read.

It appears that the reactor at New Jersey’s Hope Creek facility malfunctioned on Thursday, not on Sunday as I previously reported.

Here’s the story from today’s Delaware Online:

A malfunction signal as the Hope Creek nuclear plant was returning to service from an unplanned shutdown on Sunday forced the Delaware River-side complex to shut down again early Thursday morning, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission reported this morning.

Neil Sheehan, spokesman for the NRC’s regional office in King of Prussia, Pa., said all safety systems operated as designed during the incident on Thursday, although a water level decrease in the reactor vessel during the process triggered a separate reactor protection system pumping of additional cooling water to the core vessel.

Two points: Even though we’ve already established that I don’t read so good, doesn’t it strike you as odd that Neil Sheehan said everything operated as planned, and then turned around and said that the reactor protection system was tripped on a low water level? Doesn’t that count as a malfunction? Second, I can think of about twelve ways to reword that last sentence fron Delaware Online so that it makes more since, but the simplest way would be to strike triggered a separate reactor protection system pumping of additional cooling water to the core vessel and replace it with triggered the reactor protection system, causing additional cooling water to be pumped in the core vessel.

Here’s a link to the article:


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