Another radioactive animal story: Contaminated goldfish at Ohio nuke

You should know by now that I can’t resist a radioctive animal story. The Cleveland Leader reported yesterday:

An investigation is underway by the U.S. Nucleaer Regulatory Commission after a pair of radioactive goldfish were discovered swimming in a lemonade pitcher in the steam tunnel of the Perry Nuclear Power Plant in Ohio.

The Perry Nuclear Power Plant is located about 40 miles northeast of Cleveland in North Perry, Ohio, and is situated near the coast of Lake Erie.

Jennifer Young, a spokeswoman for the plant, said: “Clearly somebody brought the two goldfish into the plant. They did not swim into the plant.”

The two fish were discovered when crews were taking down scaffolding earlier this week following a 43-day maintenance shutdown of the plant.

Investigators are now questioning employees and contractors, and are also reviewing video recordings of the tunnel.

Young added that the fish were only slightly radioactive. They died on Thursday, but likely due to lack of care and not radiation.

Here’s a link:


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  1. StaRDusT says:

    Evidence of radioactive tritium – terminated . Investigation into who and why came into existence . Nice .

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