South Texas nuke is at flood risk, according to NRC report‏

STP Houston and Corpus Christi

The San Antonio Express-News reported yesterday:

The South Texas Project, which provides about a third of San Antonio’s electric power, is on a list of nuclear plants with a high risk of flooding-related failures.

A leaked July 2011 Nuclear Regulatory Commission report labeled “not for public release” deals with flood risk to plants across the country if dams break upstream.

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission did not want the full report to be available to the public:

The NRC posted a redacted version of the report to its website in March. But the environmental group Greenpeace obtained an un-redacted version and shared it with The Huffington Post, which first wrote about the full report Friday.

The full report drew a response from the Union of Concerned Scientists:

“…a report Friday from the Union of Concerned Scientists says that the NRC document shows that, ’34 reactors — one-third of the U.S. nuclear fleet — may face flooding hazards greater than they are designed to withstand, as a result of the failure of upstream dams. … The NRC has known about some of these problems for 15 years and has not effectively addressed them.’ “

Here’s a link to the Express-News article:

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